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Since the beginning of modern history humans have been on a quest to slow and mediate the natural effects of aging. From memory loss, weight gain, sagging skin and sexual dysfunction- having the ability to turn back the clock to our youthful prime is no longer an elusive mystery. We now have a weapon against the effects of Father Time that sneak up and steal our youth like a thief in the night.

Peptide therapy is revolutionizing the future of healing and maintaining health and optimal function. What is peptide therapy you ask? Peptides are the building blocks of proteins that instruct other cells and molecules on what biological functions to perform. As we age, our natural occurring peptides begin to diminish and cause a ripple effect across multiple systems which we often sum up as “the aging process.” By supplementing and optimizing the peptides that our bodies naturally produce, we can influence a myriad of cellular and metabolic functions. From wound healing, digestive health, muscle and bone building, providing relief from chronic pain to weight loss and glowing skin- peptide therapy has proven to be safe and effective in combating what ails us. By mimicking or increasing the production of the body’s own peptides we can chart a course to living longer, healthier and happier lives.

Considering the body has over 7,000 known peptides, we can harness their amazing benefits to develop unique treatment protocols with customized benefits and goals.

Coastal Vitality and Anti-Aging is proud to offer custom compounded Peptide Therapy including:

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