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Revitalize Your Vitality: Men's Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options in Boynton Beach, FL

There are many cliches about what makes a man a man. Whether it is his cars, his clothes, his career, or his attitude, all of these are up for debate. What is not up for debate is that what truly makes a man. It is summed up in one important hormone- testosterone.

Beginning with puberty, testosterone is responsible for bringing men into adulthood. From the deepening of voice, growth of body hair, increased height, stronger muscles and bones and increased libido. As men age, testosterone continues play a critical role in energy levels, mood and sense of wellbeing, fertility, and physical strength. Many studies purport the benefits of healthy testosterone levels in maintaining heart health promoting decreased cholesterol, insulin, and obesity levels.

How do you know if your testosterone is low?

The answer is simple. By assessing symptoms and a simple blood test to check your levels. In most men testosterone levels begin to decline by age 30. It is estimated that over 10 million men the US suffer from symptoms related to low or suboptimal testosterone levels.

If any of the following sound all too familiar, contacting Coastal Vitality and Anti-Aging is your first step towards restoring your health and your masculinity.

You can expect to see improvements in libido and erections in as little as 4-6 weeks, improved strength and muscle building in 8 weeks, and improved overall sense of wellbeing in 3-5 months.
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